Gold Bright Hong Kong Group Limited (Gold Bright HK) is a jewelry wholesaler specializing in Italian Karat Gold Jewelleries.

Gold Bright HK is established in Hong Kong SAR, China. We have been dedicated to this industry for over 30 years, with very good business relationship with Italian gold jewelry factories. Thanks to these outstanding partners from Italy for working together closely over the years in developing high quality, trendy and competitive K-gold jewelry. All of our products are being traded with high confidence. Thus, we gain a lot of support from both inland and overseas customers and our major markets are South-East Asia and China.

Our core business focuses on distribution and wholesale, without retailing. most of our Jewelleries are in 14K & 18K. The fineness of our product is assured with the factories guarantee to reach quality standard.

Our Motto is “Quality & Integrity”. Every customer is welcomed as our most respective guest. Providing high quality product with best value price to our customer, you must be satisfied with peace-of-mind business with us.

Looking ahead, Gold Bright HK will continue its initiative in penetrating into the China & South-East Asia jewellery wholesale market and expand its horizon to its full.

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